When you see athletes achieving unimaginable results or standing out with surprising ease, it is difficult not to wonder how they could have come so far: Is it the result of extensive training? How much of his/her performance is biological, morphological, physical, or genetically conditioned features? How can having access to good facilities and having the best coaches influence this?

Rumi Prospects combine sports, education, and experience within an area that allows optimization of the performance of young athletes.
The program is one of a kind and 100% free. It allows access to a high-performance development plan with all the necessary resources to achieve a professional opportunity and training for the chance to enter a university in the US through a sports scholarship.
The program offers high performance training, level appropriate physical preparation, nutrition, health, sports psychology, and English language training.
Becoming part of Rumi Prospects requires an evaluation by the technical department of the program.

Contact us by writing to: info@rumi.ar  


Roberto Braccini is a lawyer, specialized in social security rights with a postgraduate degree in Management for Sports Entities. He is president of the Baseball and Softball Subcommittee of the Daom Club (birthplace of baseball in Argentina) and founded in 2016 a non-profit organization to promote, develop and promote the practice of baseball: the RUMI Foundation.

Carlos Duarte has a degree in Social Communication, with a postgraduate degree in Sports Management. He has more than 10 years working in the world of baseball as a journalist and in managing communications for professional and amateur baseball academies and events.

Pablo Leone is a Continental Instructor of the WBSC, with a postgraduate degree in Sports Management from the Argentine Olympic Committee and a Diploma from the YMCA University. He has a long history as coach of national teams (Italy 2007-2010 and Argentina 2016-2020) in Pan American and Pre-World Cups. He is the General Manager of the Daom Club and is the sports coordinator of the “Baseball in Schools” and “Rumi Prospects” programs.

Jose Carlos Perez has a degree in Physical Culture and Sports, specialized in baseball (Cuban Baseball Federation) with 11 years of experience training players in Cuba, in high performance programs. He has been manager of the Argentine National Teams in the U10, U12 and U14 categories, obtaining important achievements in the Pan-American and Pre-World Cups and is the current national physical trainer of the Argentine Baseball Team.

Melisa Echeveste has a degree in Communication Sciences with a postgraduate degree in Sports Management from the Argentine Olympic Committee and is currently studying a master’s degree in Sports at UNLP. She is the academic coordinator of the University Diploma of Baseball, Softball and Baseball of the YMCA Institute and as a high-performance athlete she has integrated the Argentina Softball Team in categories U17, U19, U20 and Older, obtaining the bronze medal at the Pan American Games.

Samuel A. Hidalgo Morán, social communicator who works both in the area of ​​creative conceptualization in marketing, as an athlete and pitching coach in high-performance baseball. National team of Venezuela and R.B.I. Venezuela; Major League Baseball program, where he was awarded the Alfonso “Chico” Carrasquel and Pitcher of the Year 2010 award. Born creative who seeks to be a bridge for each athlete to develop confidence in their talent and the result is the best possible performance.

Ranier Lovera has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports with certifications in 3.0 circuits from the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and has certifications on Common Block, Functional Training, High Intensity Interval Training, and nutrition. He was a physical trainer for the Guaros de Lara basketball team and the Los Cardenales de Lara baseball team. Coach of high-performance athletes and NBA and MLB players such as Heissler Guillent and Carlos Rivero.

Federico von Proschek has a degree in Nutrition, an anthropometrist and an expert in clinical and sports nutrition. With more than 10 years of experience in the area, he served and achieved fantastic results with multiple renowned athletes. This professional has vast experience in applied and meticulous work so that athletes follow the proper eating habits and obtain the maximum potential in their activities.

Sandra Pinto has a Master in Sports Psychology (UNED – Spain), specialized in psychological skills for high performance in sports and amateur sports. She has a degree in Psychology and is a professor of the Degree and Teaching Staff of Physical Education at the University of La Matanza. She is president of the Federation of Sports Professionals (FEPDA).