We are a non-profit organization, created in 2016, that promotes the development of youngsters through sports programs.
Our head office is located in the City of Buenos Aires and we develop activities
throughout the Argentine Republic.
Our training programs include initiation into sports, competition, high athletic performance, and obtaining a university scholarship in the USA.
¿Why Rumi?
RUMI comes from the term “roomie” which means roommate and is the person with whom you share living quarters even though they are not related to each other.
In sports it is common to use the word “roomie”, which Latinos use as “rumi”, when referring to that person who accompanies you on sports trips and lodging. It is that friend who becomes your “roomie”.
“We adopt that name because we want to be that companion, that friend who is close, the one who accompanies you and supports you on your way.”
Roberto Braccini, President of the RUMI Foundation

Omar Vizquel, our ambassador

RUMI’s successes became known internationally by adding the baseball legend, Omar Vizquel, as the foundation’s ambassador..
The former Major League Baseball player was made official as RUMI Ambassador in 2018. Omar Vizquel, who obtained 11 Gold Glove Awards throughout his Major League career, is the official international spokesperson for our organization. 
In January 2019, Vizquel traveled to Argentina for the first time and held baseball clinics and workshops for the boys of RUMI and the different Clubs of the City of Buenos Aires. In addition, to a full room at the ND Ateneo theater, he gave a conference to benefit the foundation, where he spoke about “The mental factor in the construction of success.”
Omar is a great person and with a great heart. We are pleased to hear that he will soon be inducted into the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame.


Sport is, without a doubt, a fundamental tool for the development of a society. Its practice allows us to acquire values, discipline, and personal development, which improves individual and social relationships. In particular, our discipline is baseball; a team sport that requires the development of various physical skills such as body and eye coordination, quick reactions, hitting, speed, running, sliding, and great concentration in order to solve game situations.


Your support and collaboration is important to us!  

With your contribution we can provide clothing, footwear, gloves, balls, batting nets, bats, helmets, and snacks.
Any amount, no matter how small, makes a difference! Join and be part of #TeamRumi



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